About Us

A World Of Optimized Products

Porticos was founded in 2003 by Greg Patterson, Sean Ahr, and Kevin Carpenter, all practicing mechanical engineers at Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications, with an extensive background in product development. They recognized a shared enthusiasm for innovation.

Porticos was founded with a clear mission in mind:


Our Goal

Porticos works with clients to develop a custom solution, one that will meet their needs.

To complete this goal, we, at Porticos, wear many hats. We are:

  • A product design firm
  • A product development company
  • Supplier and industrialization experts
  • A quality engineering firm
  • Testing and verification support
  • Quality support researchers

Our commitment to create a world of optimized products

Our Values

Porticos is a team sport; it’s at the core of our culture and our DNA.  We rely on the collective innovation and expertise of our team members to provide excellence to our partners and clients.  We apply creativity and expertise to a vast array of products: medical devices, IoT, wearable electronics, etc.  Our clients range from startups to Fortune-500 companies.


We solve complex problems with creative solutions.


Relationships built on mutual trust and respect are at the core of who we are.


We don’t just build things, we build relationships


Porticos is a team sport. We rely on the collective innovation and expertise of our team members to provide excellence to our partners and clients.


Porticos engineers have extensive experience in all aspects of product design and development. We’ve done this before. We’re good at it. We know what we are doing.


Our expansive portfolio is the result of our novel engineers who harness innovation and experience in order to deliver cutting-edge engineering solutions.
  • We Draw Inspiration from one another
  • We Collaborate with our clients
  • We Explore both proven strategies and state-of-the-art techniques to design the product for the way we’re designed

30 Degreed Engineers

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Computer Engineering
  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Material Science
  • Economics
  • 5 Master of Science Degrees
  • 3 Licensed Professional Engineers
  • Technical Certifications ranging from Refrigeration to Systems Engineering


Porticos earned a Gold StevieⓇ Award at the American Business Awards. The Prosthetic Cooling Liner, developed in partnership with SCRA Applied R&D, received the coveted Gold Stevie in the category of Tech Innovation of the Year. Since 2002, the top-tier Gold Stevie Award has been conferred for achievement in business to organizations and individuals in more than 60 nations.

Our Work

Check out our extensive product design and development portfolio