A phone with no phone bill? Porticos-designed adapter turns iPod into a wi-fi phone!

The new MorphCase 5G VoIP adapter turns an Apple iPod Touch into a free-to-use, wifi-enabled smartphone. Conceptualized by Dexterity, LLC, the adapter was envisioned as a low-cost communication solution for families wary of cellular phone bills.

This first version of the MorphCase only fit the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Generation iPod Touch. But the recently completed MorphCase 5G design not only fits the 5th Generation iPod Touch—its robust, low-profile case anticipates future iPod Touch models, promising extended utility.

morphcase rendering ipod adapter
Businesses, individuals, and families can use the MorphCase 5G with their iPod touch to keep from paying a cellular phone bill.

When Dexterity, LLC originally contacted Porticos with the challenge, the plan was to update the existing MorphCase for the size of the 5th generation iPod touch, but Porticos also focused on value-engineering for manufacturability, streamlining of design features, and taking great ideas to production.

“Our expertise identified ways to improve the internal systems, fortify the exterior casing, and optimize electronics and routing for ease of manufacturing and assembly,” explained Greg Patterson, President of Porticos. “This was a great example of what can be achieved when the customer and engineering team are working together and receptive to new ideas.”

morphcase adapter for ipod turn ipod into phone
The second-generation MorphCase design integrates new structural features for a streamlined profile and ease of manufacturing.

“The value Porticos brings to engineering and design for manufacturability has made them the collaborative team I can’t do without,” said Adrienne Harrington, creator of the MorphCase. “Anyone in need of flawless engineering and design work—no matter what stage—should look no further.”

With free wi-fi available everywhere (home, school, work, and millions of hotspots), all users need is the MorphCase 5G and any VoIP App to transform their iPod Touch into a no-monthly-bill Wi-Fi Smartphone. With Apple FaceTime, iMessage, and countless social media apps, along with the VoIP-enabled calls and texts, the opportunities for users to stay in touch over wi-fi are better than ever.

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