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Product Development Firm

A Different Kind of Product Development Firm

We Don’t Just Build Things

We Build Relationships



We are a product development firm that relies as much on inspiration and imagination as on knowledge and expertise.
We go beyond technical requirements, to a place of close communication, shared vision, and common purpose.
We strive to create a world of optimized products.

What We Do

As a product development service company, Porticos works with our clients to develop custom solutions to meet their needs.

Product Design & Development

Invention, inspiration, definition, and vision.


Research, analysis, experimentation, and simulation.


Fabrication, assembly, testing, shipping, and support.

Azur Dzindo

Porticos Team is very professional , well organized and very knowledgeable. It is always a pleasure working with them!

Daniel Notarnicola

The projects we worked on were a couple of the most challenging I’ve ever been a part of for many reasons, but I enjoyed working with the Porticos group, which are some of the most professional and talented people I have ever collaborated with.

Ricky Spero

The Porticos engineers ask tough questions and drive toward clear answers. They are scientific, professional, and expert in ways that perfectly expand on our in-house capabilities. Working with Porticos was a pleasure. We can’t wait to work with them again.

Tom Snyder

Porticos is a great partner for the National Science Foundation ASSIST program since they bring technology integration and prototyping expertise while also having a successful track record taking technologies to market.

Michael Koch

When we brought Porticos in we were not meeting some of our critical EMI leakage requirements due to our mechanical packaging.  Porticos proposed and implemented design changes which allowed us to pass all of our regulatory tests on our first try.

David McCutcheon

Porticos engineers have seamlessly integrated into our projects, regardless of the complexity or duration and consistently added value. It has been a pleasure working with the Porticos owners – their flexibility and attention to details on staffing solutions is key to continued success.

Michael Koch

Porticos engineers were able to implement a specialized shielding solution to meet our requirements, as well as deliver an attractive finished design that conveys our brand identity.

Our Clients

Driving Innovation For Leading Brands